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The Pros Of DIY Home Staging Service

Commonly referred to as Remote Home Staging, our DIY Home Staging is a service that uses the client’s own photos to conduct our typical in-person staging consultation. This specifically relates to properties that will have the homeowner living in it while it's on the market. I will tell you that when the pandemic happened, the first two months, I and every other Home Stager was asking “How can I make money if I can’t physically meet with the client?!” For those of us who exclusively do Occupied Consultations, COVID-19 was devastating! Lo and behold, a stager from Philadelphia (Hi Lori!) mentioned her E-Staging Consultation and how she created a platform to show other Home Stagers how to integrate it into their businesses.

I purchased the platform, set it up and now I’m rockin’ and rollin’! Sidenote: There was a slight change in that I changed the name to DIY Home Staging because I wanted potential clients to automatically know what it was from the name alone. The name "E-Staging Consultation" doesn't mean anything to the average person who isn't a stager. I wrote a different blog to address the cons and now I want to talk about the Pros of the DIY Home Staging service:

1. It isn’t appointment-driven, so there’s no waiting for an appointment: With this service, you work at your own pace and as you feel comfortable. Our contact information is provided in the follow-up emails to our clients, so you’re free to reach out in the event something doesn’t make sense or to ask whatever questions you have.

2. It’s a strategy you can use regardless of the current Real Estate Market: This is a big one because even though we implemented this into our business during the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be a service that we’ll continue to offer well into the future. Some clients are more tech savvy and prefer to do the work themselves, plus this does help them save money because they’re the ones utilizing the instructions and recommendations.

3. Clients receive custom recommendations for their property from a Professional Home Stager: We remove the research and guesswork from the process because in all honesty - Home Staging is a skill! The average person doesn't know anything about scale and proportion and even though something looks good, it doesn't mean it's appropriately scaled to the room or aesthetically marketable.

4. It maximizes the time that people are home right now to get their house ready for sale: This is the perfect solution during the pandemic because you don’t have to invite someone into your home, only to worry about whether or not they have COVID-19. This service keeps everyone safe, concerns at bay and clients have plenty of time to complete it.

5. It’s valuable for clients who can’t physically meet during the day: Because the service isn’t appointment-driven, you can take whatever actions you want to WHEN you want to and that can be in the evenings or on the weekends. I understand most of you have full days with working and attending to the kids, so meeting with a Home Stager can add to your stress level. No worries – this service take the stress out of preparing your home for sale.

For a minimum investment, this service provides everything you’re looking to accomplish, along with how-tos, style guides and pictures of appropriately staged living spaces. The on-boarding process includes: purchasing the service, receiving on-boarding emails to get started, photo review and receiving a Selling Success Plan with supporting documentation (if needed). If you wish to order this service, visit to get started. If you have any questions or concerns, contacts us via email at or call (214) 789–2545. Happy Staging and we look forward to working with you!


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