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Why The Name Change?!

Good day ladies and gents! Just in case you’ve noticed, my COVID-19 compliant E-Staging Consultation is undergoing a name change. I’m still in the middle of reviewing the website and replacing the “E-Staging Consultation” name with DIY Home Staging and/or Remote Home Staging Consultation. I’ve also redirected the previous url to one that includes the new name.

What happened, you ask?!?!

To give you a little bit of the backstory, I created this service last year during the onset of the pandemic because I wanted to create another revenue stream for my business that a) would support my business in the event that I’m not physically able to stage a home and b) assist those homeowners who truly need to save money while preparing their home for sale. This service specifically relates to properties that will have the homeowner living in it while it's on the market. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done with the service and even back then, I knew that I wanted to give it a more relatable name; I just didn’t know what to call it. You see, home stagers (and interior designers) use a lot of industry jargon and we know what certain terms and phrases mean.

The reality is that the average person doesn’t know what we’re talking about, what it means or what it even looks like. I knew the name was an unresolved issue for me and I forged ahead anyway because “done is better than perfect”. Even though I was sharing about the service on social media, cold calling agents about it, and sending out E-flyers, the response was very anemic. There were times when I wanted to give up and I kept rationalizing with myself and saying “There’s something you don’t know you don’t know about this”. I’ve completed a decade of personal and professional development and my biggest takeaway is that if something isn’t working as well as I’d like it to, there’s something I don’t know about it. Knowledge is power, right?!

Last week I went onto a couple of Facebook group pages for Home Stagers and asked “Has anyone been effective at consistently getting remote home staging projects? If so, how do you market that service?” Luckily, I’m connected to thousands of other Home Stagers on Facebook and 1 responded by tagging the name of another stager. Long story short – she and I had a conversation and I realized that not only was the previous name not straightforward enough for people to understand what the service was, the content on my landing page was extremely heavy. People don’t read! If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’re pretty smart. People who read are smart. So that’s it – I need people to understand what I’m offering in a very simple and direct manner. I’ll redesign my landing page soon and I’m pretty excited about that. This has truly been a journey and definitely not an overnight success story by any means.

I look forward to assisting homeowners with staging their homes for sale and save some money in the process by offering DIY Home Staging. Chao.

And oh yeah, just in case you want to order the service, here’s the link:



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