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Online Home Staging Services

If you’re familiar with Home Staging, you immediately think of an in-person Home Staging Consultation or Vacant Home Staging. As a reminder, the in-person staging consultation services homeowners who are living in the property while their home is on the Real Estate Market. Vacant Home Staging services home owners, listing agents or investors who are selling a vacant property. The Home Stager will provide their own inventory in the form of furniture, artwork, décor & accessories, and textiles to stage certain living areas (i.e. main areas) of the home.

What about the clients who have an affinity for technology and desire online home staging services? What about those clients who are more DIYers and prefer to do it themselves, instead of having a professional come in and complete the job for them? Lastly, what about the clients who desire to have more control over their budget while preparing their home for the market? Is there anything out there for them? Well of course there is!

There’s Online Home Staging aka DIY Home Staging Services! Not to be confused with Virtual Staging, these services are for those who are actually living in the property while it's on the market.

Effortless Charm Staging offers 2 Online Home Staging Services (available for purchase via the hyperlinks below):

1. Online Home Staging Consultation: Another option for homeowners who plan to live in their home while having it listed for sale. It's a virtual service, which means location isn't an issue! Once the service is purchased, the homeowner will provide photos of each room in the home and a photo review will be completed. Within 5 days, custom recommendations for the property will be emailed to the homeowner, along with additional supporting documentation, how-to guides, moving checklist etc.

2. DIY Vacant Home Staging Service: Vacant staging where you control the budget! For anyone who has concerns about getting this done properly, the perfect thing about this business model is that we do all of the hard work for you! We do all the planning, sourcing, and the design. With our help, you can save some money, tap into our resources, be in control of your staging budget and DIY your own home! We Design, We Deliver, You Stage!

If neither of those work for you and you would like to press the “easy button” hire a local Home Stager to complete the work for you. If you’re located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, feel free to call Effortless Charm Staging at (214) 789-2545 or email for more details.

Click below for the DIY Vacant Home Staging Services

Online Home Staging Services

Click below for the Online Home Staging Consultation

Online Home Staging Consultation



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