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The Cons Of DIY Home Staging Service

What most refer to as Remote Home Staging, our DIY Home Staging is a service where we use the client’s own photos to conduct our typical in-person staging consultation. This specifically relates to properties that will have the homeowner living in it while it's on the market. When the pandemic happened, the first two months I and every other Home Stager was asking “How can I make money if I can’t physically meet with the client?!” Lo and behold, a stager from Philadelphia (Hi Lori!) commented about her E-Staging Consultation and how she’s created a platform to show other Home Stagers how to integrate it into their businesses.

I was all in! I purchased the platform, set it up and now I’m good to go! Sidenote: There was a slight change in that I changed the name to DIY Home Staging because I wanted potential clients to automatically know what it was from the name alone. The name "E-Staging Consultation" doesn't mean anything to the average person who isn't a stager. Another blog will address the Pros of DIY Home Staging and in the spirit of transparency, I want to share the Cons with you as something to consider:

1. Clients may need more support throughout the process – This all depends on each person’s style of working and how tech savvy they are. What I’ve learned is that in giving recommendations, it helps clients to have exact measurements or numbers to avoid assuming something that may not work. For example, hang artwork 62” from the floor – see?! The way the service is setup, clients get 2 chances to meet with me online to ask whatever questions they have and to get clarification on recommendations provided.

2. We can’t “see” everything (like odors) – When it comes to odors, the best way to pinpoint them is to ask the clients if they smoke, have pets etc. If they do, chances are there may be an odor. There’s always a chance they will tell us, especially if they’re really motivated to sell the home. Products like DampRid and Freshwave will get them headed in the right direction to get rid of musty odors.

3. Technology may be challenging for the client – I will confess that I’m not very tech savvy at all and seek information from YouTube and Google every day. The technology is pretty easy to figure out and I’m always available if anyone has questions or wants a different perspective.

4. The client may not implement as perfectly as we would like – The clients aren’t Home Stagers and most are pretty good at following instructions and recommendations. Our goal is to give exact measurements so that everything is implemented as perfectly as possible.

When I think of the possible outcome of the DIY Home Staging service, I remember Reverend Run’s quote where he says “Do your best and forget the rest!”. It really does come down to that. We’ll definitely work with our clients to stage the most significant areas of the home and it’s nothing to stress out about. Selling a home and moving is pretty hectic enough, so the staging part of it should be fun!

The cons listed above are very easy to work with and they haven’t been challenging enough to deter a client from doing the actual work. If you wish to order this service, visit to get started. If you have any questions or concerns, contacts us via email at or call (214) 789–2545. Happy Staging and we look forward to working with you!



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