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Why Work With An Occupied Consultation Specialist?

Because an Occupied Consultation Specialist (OCS) provides results! Results based on practical experience, neuro-marketing research and great communication skills!

When you work with an OCS professional, you will experience a systematic approach that discusses the presentation of the fixed assets (the true “money” makers) of a given property while taking into consideration the home sellers timeframe and budget. In a perfect world, everything would be replaced/repaired/redone when entering the market. In the real world, the guidance of an OCS will provide industry insights and solutions that allow you to enter the market as strong as possible based on YOUR circumstances.

Developed by Bobbie McGrath, a home stager with over 14 years of experience in over 6,000 individual properties, the OCS program is built on the foundation of effective communication, cutting edge neuro-marketing research and approaching each project in a positive and empowering way. While each individual stager brings their own unique vision to each property, the OCS framework allows the home seller an easy to follow step by step process to effectively follow through with the staging recommendations sure to create a successful sale.

An OCS understands the reasons behind their home staging recommendations. The seller then has the distinctive advantage understanding how staging is NOT about making a house pretty; it’s about making it MARKETABLE. In a world where we have only 9 seconds to grab someone’s attention, your OCS will create the edge needed to make those 9 seconds count!

Source: Bobbie McGrath-Creator of the Occupied Consultation Specialist (r) training program. Winner, RESA 2019 Most Innovative Product or Service of the Year


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