We Style. You Stage. Home Sold.

It takes an average of 55 days to sell a home. Sell yours 88% faster, with 20% Return on Investment and save $$$$.*


How can I do this?!
Answer: Stage your property for the Real Estate Market

The average starting cost to hire a professional home stager starts at $3k

Thankfully you can stage your home for under $300!!!!

Ever heard of DIY Home Staging??

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Key Benefits:

  1. Get professional recommendations from an industry expert on how best to stage your home.

  2. No appointment needed - complete the work at your own pace!

  3. We repurpose the items you already own!

  4. It's online, so location isn't an issue.

How the DIY Home Staging Process works:

  1. Take photos of every room in your home

  2. Upload the photos to a Google drive and email us a link

  3. In 5 business days, we’ll email you custom recommendations

  4. You will receive a Welcome Bundle that contains links to style guides and how-to documents

  5. The rest is up to you! Your home is ready for the market when you are!

Our DIY Home Staging consultant is one of the most qualified occupied home staging professionals in North America!

Here’s what our clients are saying...

“The service is very good, thorough, lots of follow-up and I feel like I was taken care of, which is extremely important. Who would have ever thought of a Project Planner?!

-Michael, Cleveland


"The DIY Home Staging service provided step-by-step instructions to easily guide me through the home staging process. I would highly recommend this service to those looking for an extra edge in the real estate market."

-Cynthia, Allen


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