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‘Cause, hey. We see you, my friend! You’ve got a million things on your to-do list, you’re running around like a maniac...and that treadmill you are on? Yeah, it’s set just a little too fast. Now somehow--between managing your busy life and everything else you’ve got going on--you have to figure out how to get your house ready to sell. Ugh!  

Where the heck do you even start? What do you do? What do you not do? Whose advice do you listen to? How exactly are you supposed to stage your house anyway? Oh my gosh, I think I am stressing for you! Honestly, don’t you just want to curl up under your blankets and binge-watch Netflix instead?!  

What if we made getting your house ready for sale fun*….and soooo much easier? *(and profitable--woot!)  

As a buyer, I bet you have ruled out so many houses without ever stepping foot in them because they look flat and unappealing online. You don’t want that to happen to your house and you definitely don’t want to put up with an endless loop of showings!


Ugh! Who wants that?!  

Imagine if your house went live on Zillow and on a Friday and by Sunday you….

  • Have more showings scheduled than your Realtor has ever seen before. 

  • Have an open house with a HUGE turnout of people who fall in love and are even semi-obsessed with owning your house. 

  • Receive more than one offer. And not lame offers. Offers that are hard to decide between because they are all so good. 

  • Are happy dancing and celebrating because you just accepted an amazing offer in a ridiculously short period of time.


Our E-staging Consultation will help you get your house ready, create a dream buyer connection and drive you to a fast, successful (and profitable) sale.

We're in business to help sellers and Realtors stage their houses to sell in 72 hours or less. And the best part? We can help you do the same thing too! No matter where you live or how far you are from us, helping more sellers everywhere get faster offers is our jam.

Here’s how the E-Staging Consultation works

(so you can dive in and get your house on the market and sold quickly):


Upon purchasing you will receive all of the information you need to take  and send us photos of the interior and exterior of your house

​(Don’t worry. We walk you through every step. Promise!)

Relaxing at Home


Within 5 business days of receiving your photos, our team of expert Real Estate Stylists will review them and email your super detailed, room-by-room Selling Success Plan™.


Your hard work is going to pay off. Big time! Your house is styled beautifully for your photo shoot, and ready to accept an amazing offer--for more than you thought and faster than you expected. Oh, and you have learned some great new design tips for you new house! Sa-weet!

Marble Surface

Super cool, right?!

Here’s what our clients are saying...

“The service is very good, thorough, lots of follow-up and I feel like I was taken care of, which is extremely important. Who would have ever thought of a Project Planner?!

-Michael, Cleveland


"The E-Staging Consultation service provided step-by-step instructions to easily guide me through the home staging process, I would highly recommend this service to those looking for an extra edge in the real estate market."

-Cynthia, Allen


Sounds great! So how much does it cost?

The E-Staging Consultation is a designed to help any seller or Realtor--even if your house is already on the market--sell fast. I want this service to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing something big whether you are selling your starter house or you’re downsizing from your big, dream house.  

The total value of this course could be in the multiple 5 and 6-figures for you….but your investment is: $250

The E-Staging Consultation is perfect for you if… 

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the following: 

  • You are busy with life and the thought of having another appointment to be home for sends you over the edge.

  • You want to shorten the length of time that your house is on the market. You don’t have the patience to be inconvenienced with showing your house on demand for longer than a month.  

  • You hate recreating the wheel. If someone already knows how to do something with a proven system, you want to know about it and apply their 10,000 hours of learning.

  • You are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. In fact, you are excited to do it as long as you have a plan that doesn’t waste your time, energy, effort and money.  


So, if any of that resonates with you, then our team cannot wait to work with you during your E-Staging Consultation!

Let’s get you started today and do this together!

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