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Are You Looking For A Home Stager Or An Interior Designer?!

I was recently working with an Investor who wanted to hire a Home Stager to stage his flipped home. I could immediately tell that he didn’t know what a Home Stager is because his primary focus was on “I want this and I want that”. I let him continue as I smirked, knowing he had no clue what he was doing or talking about. This happens WAY TOO OFTEN!!! It occurs to me that the only people who know what Home Staging is are those who actually do it or those who are used to working with a Home Stager. Everyone else confuses it with Interior Design and/or Interior Decorating.

The final result of Home Staging is decorated and it is not decorating or design. Now, it’s only fair to say that if someone wants to hire a decorator or designer to stage their home, they totally have the right to do so. I encourage anyone who is passionately attached to their vision being manifested inside their property to hire a designer or a decorator. You have to be pleased with what you're getting.

It's necessary to share that I do recommend they understand how the process works when hiring a decorator or designer. Understand their timeline, deadlines, costs and the fact that you will be in full possession of the items purchased when the home sells.

To give more clarity on Home Staging:

We're staging for the target buyer and it is not Interior Design. Staging items are not what is being sold, the house is. The staging is the backdrop to the main event (the house). If we're in the business of selling homes, it works to put ourselves in the shoes of target buyers and enhance the home in a such a way that it appeals to those buyers.

Staging is not the main event. It helps define the rooms and add color and softness and focal points, and so forth, but the main focus should be on the features of the house, the location, the price, and layout of the property.

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