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10 Tips For Expertly Staging Bookshelves

I remember growing up we used the top shelves of our closets as bookshelves and back then they were jammed pack with Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Ramona Quimby books. Now, bookshelves have taken on a whole new meaning and they’re being used for more than just . . . books. They’re serving as one of the focal points in a home, where your personal style, interests and selfies are on display to your visitors. If you have bookshelves and you’re not sure what the heck to do with them, fear not, I have 10 tips to get you going in the right direction:

1. Clear everything that is currently sitting on the bookshelves off so that it serves as a blank slate for staging purposes

2. Collect all your favorite items together – old and new with different textures/colors and place them all in one place

3. Style larger items first and spread them out

4. Place frequently used items towards the bottom of the shelves so they're conveniently located for everyday use

5. Don’t forget storage – use storage items (i.e. baskets, boxes) as décor for your shelves

6. Choose any colors you like and metals work well too

7. Group items together and in numbers of 3 or 5

8. Items of similar appearance should be spread out to avoid a cluttered appearance

9. Prints, books, greenery and family photos are great items to have on display

10. Psst . . . don't forget about the top shelf! Top shelves need love too!

This 5-shelf Industrial Bookshelf with metal frame is great to start with if you're interested in experimenting with bookshelves to see if you like them or not and it's not too expensive.


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