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The Full Home Staging Consultation Checklist

I want to cover one of my favorite services and that is the Home Staging (Occupied) Consultation. It’s the one thing sellers can do that has tremendous Return on Investment for very little money upfront. I love the fact that the end result is extremely impactful for the seller and there are various benefits. As a home stager, it’s common for me to be concerned about whether or not a seller will be onboard with completing my recommendations. Furthermore, I may not know what kind of budget they’re working with in the event certain changes need to be made.

I want homeowners to know that I’m on your side and my goal is to have you create strong marketing photos that will have your home sell quickly, as well as increase the appraisal value of your home. Now I have to go into the “why this is important” talk. Let’s take one real-life example: a high-fashion model. High-fashion models tend to be tall and have a lot less body fat compared to the average woman. WHY IS THAT YOU ASK?!?! Because the goal is for that model to serve as a human clothes hanger, so that potential buyers will only focus on the product, which is the clothing itself. If that model had a shapely and voluptuous figure, buyers will focus more on her actual body parts and that’s detracting away from the designer and their bottom line. The recommendations made during a home staging consultation serve the exact same purpose: The goal is to have the buyer's eyes go towards the fixed assets (i.e. money-makers) of the home. Items such as your cat's litter box or a stationary bike in the living room diverts their attention away from the fixed assets.

To provide you with some knowledge and guidance, attached below is a full home staging consultation checklist that you can use at your own pace to get your home ready for sale. This is a massive part of the home staging process because it's the foundation of successful home staging. It is a big deal to you as a seller, it produces big value to your listing agent, the list price goes up and your house looks great, even if you never officially stage it. The value you bring just from completing the full home staging consultation checklist will make all the difference for future showings. It’s also a missed opportunity if you don’t do it well, so I do recommend diligent, complete work and impeccability.

If you're interested in receiving custom recommendations for your property, along with visuals of how the most popular areas of a home are staged, I strongly recommend that you purchase our DIY Home Staging Service. We've included a project planner, moving checklist, how-to guides and opportunities to have a call with us to discuss any of your concerns. It's definitely worth the money because it will prevent you from continuing to pay those pesky carrying costs.

Happy Staging!

The Full Home Staging Consultation Check
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