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Home Staging Businesses and Discounts

Ninety-eight percent of people ask for discounts. If I had a dollar for every time someone alluded to or directly asked for a discount, I would have a nice stash of money. It's definitely a conversation that's alive and well in the community of Home Stagers.

There was a recent request for a discount and mind you, the client added 2 more rooms to the staging job and still asked for $500 off. The following will explain why Home Staging businesses do not give discounts, unless it costs them more money to keep the inventory in-house:

Asking for a bulk discount is common for selling goods but doesn't make sense when seeking our time - or having to pay others to work additional hours.

As an example, if I was selling books and they wanted 80 copies, and I offer a discount if they increase the order to 100 books - the books are already packed in boxes and I just add 5 more boxes, it's another 5 minutes to hand over the additional product, and I still increase my profit because I've sold 20 more books.

Doing the math:

It costs $7 to print 80 books, or $560. If I sell them for $10, a total of 800, my profit is $240.

If I give a 10% discount for an order of 100 books at $9.00 instead of $10, they're paying $900 instead of $1000, they get a discount of $100 - and I’m getting a profit of $300 for a few additional minutes of work.

Plus, I get to promote my book with "100 copies sold!" 😄

On the other hand, when the merchandise is based on time PLUS "things", the loss is at least doubled if we give discounts - which eats away the profits way too much.

Does it make sense now?



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