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Home Staging Pricing Is Complex!

When we receive a call for a Home Staging Quote, the potential client doesn’t understand all the many different factors that go into coming up with a price to stage a home for sale on the Real Estate Market. It’s the reason why we need to preview the property online or visit in-person in order to provide a Formal Home Staging Quote. To give you some insight, here’s a real-life example situation and list of the many different factors that can come into play:

Someone asked me to give them an estimate to quote 2,000 sq ft. property and this is all the information they provided.

Depending on the location, the price range for 60 days can be anywhere from $2,250 to $8000!!!!

And here’s why:

Is it a house or condo?

What’s the list price? $350k or $3,000,000???

Luxury list or mid-range?

How many rooms are in the home?

How many rooms are you staging?

Are you staging just the Primary Bedroom or all Bedrooms?

Does the Primary Bedroom have a seating area where you need chairs and accent table?

Are you staging a Guest Bedroom as an Office or a Guest Bedroom?

Is there 1 Living Room, or is there a Living Room and separate Family Room?

Do you need 2 Living Setups or 1?

One Dining Room set up or 2?

Is there an Eat-In Kitchen in addition to the Dining Room?

Does the Kitchen have an island where you need Bar stools? If yes, do you need 2? Or 5?

Is the home 1 story? 2 story?

Are there stairs for movers? That's an additional fee.

Super high ceilings? = bigger (and more expensive) artwork needed

Guard gate? Are we paying extra time getting our crew into the property?

If a condo, can we park the truck downstairs? Or does it have to stay on the main road and we must trek all the furniture to the condo?

If a condo, do we have to spend time and money getting Certificate of Insurance and other paperwork?

Does the home have built-ins that will take a ton of time and accessories?

Is there wall-to-wall carpet or do you need rugs in every room?

Is there a lot of glass and windows where you hardly need any artwork? Or do you need a lot of art?

To put it simply, everything has a cost.

Whew - This is all I can think of right now and that’s a lot! So, next time you call a Home Staging company to request a quote, please know that it’s not as easy as it seems. We’re not pulling random numbers out of nowhere. Pricing that is right-sized to care for a growing company is a trial-and-error process and we do our best to bring Quality Staging to our clients.




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