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Apartment Staging? Here Are 3 Mistakes To Avoid!

Hey guys! I’m extremely grateful to be able to share my insight and best practices on home staging and staging an apartment can be somewhat similar. Depending on the measurements of the rooms, these essential apartment staging tips & tricks will come in handy in pointing you in the right direction so that you can create the most value out of each space.

When referring to a small apartment (up to 1,200 sq ft), I’m going to cover the biggest mistakes sellers tend to make when it comes to staging:

1.) Furniture that’s too bulky. When buyers are previewing a property to buy, their main question to themselves is, “How am I going to fit my furniture into a tiny space?” We’ve seen apartments with 5 sofas in 1 room and it overwhelms the area, making it look too small. Because the property is smaller, they’re wondering if their sofa will fit or if their nightstands will fit into the bedroom. Opt for furniture that is lighter in size.

2.) Leaving their king size bed in the bedroom. As a golden rule of thumb, it works to have at least 3 feet of walking space between the furniture and the wall. That being said, if a king bed is in the bedroom, buyers will not have enough space to walk around, thus leaving them with the impression that the apartment is too small. Opt for a queen size bed with nightstands.

3.) Wanting a luxurious look and feel. Creating a look of luxury with more robust furniture can bring down the value of the property because it’s assumed that owners can’t function in the space. Three words – keep it simple. Most of the apartment buildings that are being built today are very contemporary or modern with clean lines. The spaces automatically come with white walls, marble countertops etc. Keep the furnishings simple and add color with accessories and throw pillows.

Feel free to do whatever you want while you’re living in the space. Staging is intended to sell the home, which means it needs to be marketed differently to the public. It’s great to keep in mind that open houses may take place when a property is on the market, so if the space is overwhelmed with furniture that’s too large (or too many pieces), the people who attend open house will bump into each other. Of course, bumping into others creates doubt in the buyer’s minds.

Hopefully the information provided empowers you in your sell - Happy Staging!



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