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Do It Yourself Home Staging

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves. Let’s talk about Do It Yourself Home Staging. I actually offer this service, called DIY Home Staging aka Remote Home Staging Consultation aka Remote Staging Consultation aka Online Staging Consultation . . . you get the idea lol. The whole idea is for home sellers to be able to get the remote guidance they need so they can prepare their property for sale when it hits the Real Estate Market.

This is ideal for those who know they can do the work themselves and they want to be hands-on while saving money. The beauty about this service is that there’s no rush – you take your time and complete the work when it works for your schedule. The home selling process is made easier because we remove the sense of panic while also being available to support clients when they need it most.

The process is:

1. Client/Realtor purchases the service

2. Client receives on-boarding emails immediately

3. Photo review

4. Client receives Selling Success Plan and any supporting documents

5. The rest is up to you! Your home is ready for the market when you are!

To be honest, this service provides way more value than when I show up in person. The reason is because the clients don’t have access to the supporting documentation that shows them how to stage a mantle, a sofa, a bookcase etc. They do not have access to video chat opportunities afterwards. I really like this service and it does provide the best value for the money the client is paying. If you’re interested in starting a bidding war, getting top dollar for your home and save some money, give us a try!



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