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Do-It-Yourself Home Staging (Vacant Listings)

Simplifying Staging, The DIY Method...

I am very excited to provide you with everything you will need to stage your home effectively. We have provided this DIY option for you to help you accomplish your selling goals and this process means that I am going to hand over the control of the finished product to you. Understand that traditional home staging is always completed by trained, experienced professionals who are OCD when a pillow is positioned incorrectly or a candle is out of place. I don't expect this level of detail from you as a first timer, so you shouldn't be too concerned about being able to follow a simple, itemized design plan with minimal guidance.

This is an innovative solution we have designed for Professional Realtors, Builders and Real Estate Investors. We have created an opportunity for you to gain both new clients, more exposure as well as maintain a serious competitive advantage over your competition. We offer all this while servicing your clients efficiently and within a budget. Our new DIY Vacant Home Staging services will allow you showcase your current listings, attract new clients and be one of the first to offer this solution in your market.

Let's be honest, there are sellers who own Luxury properties and they don't have the budget to pay $20,000 - $70,000. Because we are solutions-oriented, we have developed a service for you, so that your client can achieve their goal and be mindful of what they're spending during the process.

It’s vacant staging where you control the budget.

If you would like more information or receive a Home Staging Quote for your Luxury Property, email us at or call (214) 789-2545. Because this is a remote service, we will work with potential clients in other locations.

It's not a requirement that you live in the state of Texas. For the owner-occupied remote Home Staging Consultation service, visit this link for more information:



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