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Use Facebook Marketplace To Get Inventory For Your Home Staging Business

This blog post is especially for the new Home Stagers who are interested in building up their inventory and realize that they don’t have thousands of dollars at their disposal. This hidden gem is Facebook Marketplace and it is a platform where anyone can list products or services for sale and gain access to a local audience. Users can browse the whole Marketplace, select categories, check-in on groups, or go directly to stores they like. Each option tailors the products shown to a specific user's likes and interests on Facebook.

If you have a Facebook account, you can access Marketplace by clicking on the hut-shaped icon located at the top and between the Home and Groups icon. Upon accessing it, you can then set the distance filter so that all items for sale within a certain number of miles shows in your feed. I like to set my distance between 10-30 miles because I find that the items that are more suitable for Home Staging are usually located in areas that are farther away. If you’re completely new to buying on Facebook Marketplace, please refer to this link for tips on how to stay safe when using the platform.

I love to browse and save items that I’m interested in and in all honesty, if a great item is priced well, it will not last long!! If you know that you really need an item, I recommend making an offer to the seller sooner rather than later. If you have your eye on an item or service, chances are someone else will to. Here’s an important note: Try to avoid paying money if you haven’t seen the item in person. The reason is because when photos are taken, the lighting can obscure signs of wear and tear. You may find that what you’re really buying isn’t what’s shown in the photos of the item listing.

For Home Staging in particular, these are the items I’ve found helpful when increasing my inventory and saving loads of money:

Canvas Art: Canvas artwork retail prices are expensive! Need I say more?! Whatever budget you have art work will eat away at it quickly and you need at least several pieces to be able to stage a few homes.

Dining table and chairs: This is another expensive item that you can find many of on Facebook Marketplace. Depending on the number of place settings you need, you can find small, medium and large dining table sets and chairs. You’ll also be able to buy a table and chairs separately to save even more money.

Bedframes: I’ve purchased one of these from a local seller and it was brand new in the box. I’m so glad I did because I saved a lot of money and the bed was very decent. You do have a choice with bedframes when it comes to buying brand new or used. If the seller has an untouched mattress they can sell you, that’s even better.

Nightstands: There are lots of nightstands available and the prices vary depending on how regal they are. I purchased 2 for $90 and they were very nice with good solid wood and no scratches. If you drive an SUV, they may fit easily into your car, so there’s no need to hire a mover.

Accent chairs: These tend to be hit-or-miss and when you find some you like, make an offer asap because if they’re priced well, they will not last long. There are many different kinds of accent chairs on Facebook Marketplace and not all of them are suitable for staging. Avoid buying chairs that look like they’ve been used or have wear and tear on them.

Sofa: Much like accent chairs, they tend to be hit-or-miss and can be very expensive! When you find one you like and it’s priced well, make an offer asap and ask the seller if you can see it in person. Be sure to have a mover with you (if needed) when you go, that way you can complete the monetary transaction on the spot and leave with your item.

Now you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when it comes to buying inventory for your Home Staging business. The more productive way to handle purchasing is to buy when your client has paid you for a Home Staging project. That way, you already have money on hand to shop with. Oh yeah, don’t forget about storage! You have to have somewhere to store these items once you buy them and if you don’t have storage space, look at the possibility of using your car garage at home to see if that works. This is all part of the fun journey of being a Home Stager and navigating the sometimes crazy world of Home Staging – enjoy!


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