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Oooh La La!

Let's address the goal of Home Staging . . . recently I had my annual eye exam and picked out a chic pair of cat-eye glasses whose frame is coated in brushed gold with a little bling on the sides. I love my new pair of glasses and a few days ago I went for an evening walk and noticed how hot and humid it was at 8:30 in the evening! Geez, summers in Texas are no joke! While I was walking, I noticed that I was having to push up my glasses to prevent them from sliding down my nose due to the perspiration. I thought to myself “I don’t want to risk breaking these” while I’m going for an evening walk or engaging in a workout at my local gym. I had an idea to get a backup pair that I could wear while exercising or working out at the gym. So I went to my eye doctor’s office and told the Optometrist what I wanted.

I confirmed the details of my insurance coverage because I recently purchased a previous pair and knew the insurance coverage would be smaller on the second pair. The Optometrist told me how much my lense would cost and they alone were way more expensive than I could have ever thought - for the lense alone. See, I assumed that I would probably spend a little more than $500 for the pair of glasses and I could tell immediately that I was wrong. The lense alone was double that, so we opted for a lower tier to save money because I’m only using these while working out and that's not a significant occasion. Next, we shopped the office to pick out a pair of frames – my favorite part! We went from one pair to the next. Some were too dark, the frame was too thick, or my eyes didn’t light up when I put them on. She then hands me a pair that are rose colored with gold specs. I put them on and my eyes lit up!!!!! OH YEAH, THIS IS IT!!! THESE ARE FOR ME! She tells me that they’re by Tom Ford. Yes, you got it right – DESIGNER Tom Ford!

We then walk over to her desk so that she can give me a breakdown of total cost for the Tom Ford frames, along with 2 other pair that I liked a lot. I was so in love with those Tom Ford frames and was gasping for air when she told me how much they’d be. She applied the office’s internal discount to save me money, along with another discount and I still paid over $800 for this pair that I only plan to wear during my workouts. Heck, I’ll be wearing them on my casual chic days now! So I whipped out my credit card to pay for those glasses and knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

The point of all of this to show you the intention of staging a home for sale. When potential buyers walk into a staged home, the goal of Home Staging is for them to be so emotionally connected to the home that they’ll buy it asap and EVEN PAY MORE FOR IT! See, I paid $300 more for those glasses and never looked back because I fell in love with them and can’t wait until I can pick them up. People buy based on emotions and they justify it with logic. When potential buyers fall in love with your space, they’ll want it now and won’t look back. The end result is you’ll be free to move on to your next home and hopefully with a little more cash in your pocket.



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