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Why Do Home Stagers Charge So Much?

Getting into the Spring market, lots of people inquire about staging costs so here’s how it works:


1. Staging is broken down into 3 parts: a) the delivery/removal, b) design & staging (this includes our time to design, pack, and unpack as well as on-site set up - the time you don’t see is extensive), and c) the monthly furniture & decor rentals.


* Delivery/removal is not per item, a truck required is simply a truck required, time is time and it’s fair rates.  We cannot deliver you a sofa for $50. Sorry. 


Furniture rentals all depend on a few things:


1. Availability - we are not a store, but rather we have a warehouse of rental items and/or access to rental companies. These items come and go, and we specialize in using these items properly in a design to pull a finished look together. Please trust us to do what is best given available rental products. Please do not request certain styles, colors, sizes - trust us to do our best and keep it affordable for you.  


Yes, we will purchase a piece or pieces if required to complete the look - we don’t just “make do” - but this is always our discretion as we know our business model inside and out. 


2. Pricing can vary based on the price of the item. An inexpensive medium-density fiberboard coffee table will be cheaper than a large-scale glass coffee table. Some items work in some spaces, others do not. We consider both budget and end result when pulling rentals together. Yes, we can play with some items to control pricing, but ultimately the end result matters.


The cost that goes into having a staging business can be heavy - we have to maintain inventory (constant purchasing can be thousands and thousands of dollars), warehousing (rent, utilities, insurance and all those continual rising costs ), help - we need help, our movers aren’t cheap and having them available at all times to meet the demands comes at a cost. You want a job asap; we can make it happen but don’t forget how it happens! 


We can fully stage dozens of homes at a time, but consider the purchase for a VERY BASIC living room set up that is effective for staging: 


Sofa $800-1000

Accent chairs $500 each 

8x10 area rug $500

Coffee table $400

2 lamps $200

Side tables $150 each

Large art $250

Accent pillows (6) $180

Artificial tree in planter $200

Decor pieces $150 


Total cost to stage one basic living room with affordable pieces (not high end) Is just under $4000. Add in additional spaces and you can see how running a staging business can get insane with the purchase prices. Trendy and high damage items cost more to rent because of the shorter life span. 


We charge rentals and need to profit off them in order to continue to serve our clients.  


A realtor this past week told me pricing for staging is expensive and insane, but what is insane is expecting me to do all of this for them, and provide a good return, at a loss.  


You don’t have to stage your home, or use a Home Stager, but if you want to go this route, please respect the process and business, while we help you achieve your goals. We got you!



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