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9 Items Needed For Every Home Staging Toolkit

When you start to get projects from clients, it’s important to have your Home Staging Toolkit up and ready to go. If you talk to 5 stagers, they’ll give you 5 different lists of things that you “just have” to buy. If you’re budget conscious, I highly recommend getting the basics and acquiring more as you get the necessary funds to do so. Honestly, you can borrow some these things until you get the budget to purchase it.

Because Home Staging isn’t Interior Design, you won’t have to have the more complex tools and being able to navigate the fundamental process is crucial. Here’s a list of 9 things every Professional Home Stager will have in their Home Staging Toolkit:

Furniture Markers and Wax Sticks – If you own your inventory (or rent), when furniture gets moved in and out of properties, chances are there will be scuff marks. With furniture markers, you can cover up those scuff marks and maintain a more polished look to your furniture.

Hammer – I’m sure no explanation is needed and I prefer the hammers that have the shorter handle because they’re easier to use.

Picture Hanging Kit – This is a lifesaver for anyone – Home Stager or not!

Measuring Tape - The Lufkin Self-Centering tape isn’t an ordinary measuring tape. If you notice each measure in red is the half-way mark of every measurement you make, so basically it makes the process of centering objects a lot easier. I also love digital tape measures because they require less physical engagement and I don't have to worry about possibly hurting my hand in the process.

Furniture Sliders – Save your back and knees!! If you ever have to move furniture, do yourself a favor and get furniture sliders. You want to buy 2 types for your Home Staging Toolkit: one to use for carpet and the other to use for hardwood floors. Oh yeah if the furniture is heavy (i.e. armoire), invest in a quality furniture jack.

Stud finder – Before you go hammering away at those lovely walls trying to hang a valuable picture or TV, you have to find the stud behind the wall. Studs support the weight of objects to avoid them from falling down to the floor.

Level – To hang artwork that isn’t slanted, grab your level! The object is to center the bubble between the 2 black lines and it’s more challenging than it seems. Sometimes levels can be faulty, so test it out first by placing on a hard, flat surface to confirm that the bubble is centered prior to using it in your Home Staging Toolkit.

Toilet Paper – Stagers tend to forget this until they’re staging a vacant home and have to use the bathroom! This is exactly what happened to me, so keep a roll in your car because you will need it when you least expect it.

Cleaning Supplies – Let me be clear about this: you’re not there to clean the property! You will find at some point that you need a bottle of Windex and a roll of Paper Towel to clean mirrors and glass coffee tables. What you need for cleaning supplies depends on the wording of your contract, so make sure you’re not setting yourself up to be the cleaning lady!

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