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Staging A Home On A Budget With Professional Assistance

Ok, I know that if you Google “stage my home on a budget”, you’ll see a long list of url links to articles that give you recommendations on how to stage your home and get it ready for the market. I love it and I’m here for it! The fact is those recommendations are intended for the general public and they don’t address the specifics of your property, which is different from the other properties that will be listed on the Real Estate Market.

Knowing what I know now, it really does benefit a homeowner to have a Home Stager preview the property before listing it on the market. Why, you ask?! It’s because humans aren’t great at looking at our own blind spots. You know that opportunity everyone else sees that you never see?!

This is what the DIY Home Staging Service offers: an opportunity to stage your home on a budget, while getting the professional assistance of a certified Home Stager. You see, because of our training and development, we see those blind spots homeowners can’t see and those blind spots are what prevent a potential buyer from buying that property. Think of it like this:

Everybody thinks their child is beautiful, right?!?!?!

The truth is, not everyone will think that about your child . . . or your home. With the DIY Home Staging Service, homeowners take pictures of all 4 corners of each room of their home. From there, they’ll upload those photos to a Google drive and email a link to the Google drive to us. Over the course of the next 5 days, we’ll review the photos and will make recommendations about what items to pre-pack, relocate, colors to update, possible suggestions on artwork and décor and areas to clean. We also provide how-to guides on how to stage a bed, mantle and a coffee table. On top of that, there’s also a moving checklist, project planner and photos are provided so that you know what the end result should look like for certain areas of the home.

This is all about seeing those blind spots so that you put your best foot forward and get ahead of the competition. Best of all . . . it’s VIRTUAL, so location isn’t an issue! What’s holding you back now?

Got questions? Concerns? Worried about anything?! Not sure if it’s legit? Don’t just sit there – give us a call! I promise, we don’t bite and we’re looking forward to helping you make money on your upcoming sale.



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