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A Home Stager’s Insight On Throw Pillow Inserts

When it comes to staging a home, there are many small details that are incorporated into a space to complete a look and sell a feeling. It’s the little decorative accents such as wall art, table top décor, and throw pillows that can really make a space special. Providing a lived in look, it allows potential buyers to envision their future selves enjoying that home.

A stager needs decorative details on hand in their warehouse. Adding up all these tiny accent items, it can be quite costly in staging a whole home with these. However, there are a few money saving options when it comes to smart staging. The biggest cash saver is investing in a bundle of throw pillow inserts.

Every home stager needs an ample supply of pillow inserts. This is because so many furniture pieces are elevated when a couple of throw pillows are included. Investing in the inserts is great because you will always be using pillows in your staging. All you will need to do is purchase and return the stylish pillow covers for each staged home. It will save you big cost savings instead of buying both the insert and pillow case each and every time. It will also save precious storage space in your staging warehouse.

When selecting your throw pillow inserts, going for a synthetic fill is a wise option. This is because out of the fill materials, this is the cheapest. It isn’t ideal in the long term because it loses its fluff rather quickly, but if all you are doing is staging a space, it is a smart option.

Looking at sizes, get a variety of different sizes for your various staging needs. Often times, pillows will be layered on couches and sectional. Couches, depending on their size, will have around 4-6 pillows. These being a pair of 24”, a pair of 18”-20”, and a smaller 16” accent pillows. Arm chairs will typically have an 18” or a 20”, and sectionals can be upwards of 5 or more pillows.

Aside from throw pillow inserts, don’t forget to invest in some bed pillow inserts as well. Opt for at least one set of inserts, as every home will have at least one bedroom. Make it grand by getting not only your standard pillow inserts, but two euro sized inserts as well. These create an impressive bedroom appeal that elevates any bedroom into a one of Master Bedroom quality. Lastly, add another small accent pillow to complete the bedroom look.

Having these inserts in your staging set, you will always be prepared to turn a space into a stunning showroom of a home. Keeping them on hand, you will save multiple trips and headaches of shopping, which is huge for the quick turnaround stagers often get.

Happy Staging!

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