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What Is A Home Staging Consultation?

Good day everyone! If you want to know what a Home Staging Consultation is, you’re in the right place because I want to cover what it is, why people do it and who pays for it. To start off, a Home Staging Consultation a very detailed discussion, advice, and review of what needs to be done to the property before the sellers list it on the Real Estate Market. Furthermore, the sellers know they will be living in the home while it’s on the market. They’re interested in getting the property ready and presenting well so they can sell their property faster and for more money.

Make sense?

To get into why people do it, think about whether you’ve sold or purchased a vehicle. If you sold one, upon turning the vehicle over to the new owner, you probably had it washed and waxed, had the oil changed and possibly shined the tires so that it looks good. Home Staging Consultations serve the same purpose – they allow the homeowner to present well so that people are attracted to the property. They can be done in-person or online.

Homes that present well tend to sell faster and for more money and it can increase the appraisal value of the home. Home Appraisers are people too and when their eyes get stimulated by a home that looks nice, they increase the appraisal value and that’s what we want! We want people to get enticed by what they see.

As a part of their marketing efforts, realtors are starting to pay for both Home Staging Consultations and Vacant Home Staging services as well. If they can pay for those services, it shows the client that they’re willing to take care of them, and it leads to more referrals. If you’re a homeowner and you’re interested in the online service, talk to your realtor to see if they’ll purchase the remote service for you. Keep in mind, bigger offers lead to bigger commissions for them and a bigger financial reward for you.

Take care guys!



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