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The Mighty McClures Explain Home Staging

One of the challenges of staging a home where the homeowner/family will be living in it while it’s on the market is having them understand the WHY behind why they’re doing what they’re doing. Of course, most stagers will tell them it’s because we want potential buyers to see themselves living in the home etc. Honestly, we don’t know what their exact experience is and how they’re interpreting what we’re saying. Additionally, I don’t doubt there is a sense of overwhelm, questions about “why did I get involved with this?!”, “how much is this going to cost?!”, “this is a lot of work!!” etc.

In an effort to provide some comfort and to let you know that your experience is completely normal, popular YouTube family the Mighty McClures sold their home earlier this year and documented their experience, along with the WHY behind Home Staging. Links to the videos are below and provide an entertaining real-life experience about preparing their home for the Real Estate Market. If you’re open to enjoyment, adorable kids and adult banter, click on the links below to enjoy:

If the videos have provided some excitement and relief and you want to stage your home for the market, I highly recommend our DIY Home Staging service to get you on the right path to selling your home.

Take care and may you have a quick and easy sale!



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